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Réf. FRA4

Language immersion: 5


14 +



One to One on the French Riviera is the perfect programme to develop your language skills and to discover the French culture and way of life. Your desire to fit in a new environment, your wish to communicate and your motivation are the keys to succeed in this programme.

This stay is highly advisable to teenagers who have studied French for at least 3 years, who are open-minded and dynamic. It is not recommended to students who are shy, with a low level of French or who have never travelled abroad on their own before. It is necessary to make the effort to adapt to a different lifestyle (organisation at home, general rules, food habits, etc.) and a new environment. You will have no contact with other teenagers of your nationality during the stay.

One to One on the French Riviera is ideal for the students looking for a deeply individualised teaching of the French language focused on their specific needs and who dream about discovering the Côte d’Azur. Your teacher, a member of your host family, is highly experienced and qualified to teach French as a foreign language. He will organise the lessons as well as the activities and excursions. All the costs are included (entrance fees, transports, etc.).



Full-board accommodation in a French host family.

There will be no other student of your nationality or mother tongue hosted by the family at the same time as you, but there may be students of other nationalities.



Your language course includes 10 hours of private French lessons per week. The lessons are based on role-play, debates, presentations about topics you like, music, videos, writing a diary, etc.



You can choose 3 visits from the following: Fragonard Perfume factory, Archaeological Museum, Matisse Museum, Biot glass factory, Phoenix park, visit of a picturesque old town (Gourdon, St Paul de Vence, the old Nice, etc.) or shopping.

A member of the host family will supervise all the visits and activities.

In your free time, you will share the daily life of your hosts. You’ll have to demonstrate that you can take initiatives, be independent and adapt easily to a new environment. 

It is important to remember that the main goal of One to One on the French Riviera is the language immersion and the French host family has no obligation to organise any other activity or visit than those planned in your programme. You will have to make the effort to practise the language in an intensive way in order to improve your skills.



Return transfers from Nice airport or train station carried out by our local organiser or the host family.

Please don’t book your flights or train tickets before your enrolment is confirmed.



The French host family and our local organiser are available whenever needed. Our local organiser is here to make sure your experience is pleasant and successful. Do not hesitate to contact her / him if you have any doubt or problem. You can also email, text or phone E.D.I. directly if you prefer.



  • We recommend this programme to students eager to improve their language skills, to communicate and who are ready to adapt to a different way of life. Our host families may come from various backgrounds but they are all happy to share their daily life with you, teach you their language and introduce you to their way of life and habits.
  • E.D.I. does not guarantee that there will be a French kid of a similar age in the host family.
  • The family can host several students of different nationalities at the same time. You may have to share your room with one of them or with one of the host children if there are some.  
  • A member of the host family will always accompany you to your activities. All the costs are included (entrance fee, transport, etc.).
  • The list of activities given above is not contractual or restrictive. It only gives examples of the activities or excursions your host family can offer.
  • The activities last at least one hour.
  • It is not your host family’s responsibility to organise activities, visits or excursions during your free time.
  • Contact us before you book your flights or train tickets.



Individual stay, travel to/ from destination not included in the price

If booked as “Unaccompanied Minor”(a) with the airline, E.D.I. will charge an extra cost of 25€ one way (50€ return).


Dates: possible all year long, with arrival and departure on Sundays, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.(b)

Return transfers included from Nice airport or train station*

*Please do not book your flights or train tickets before receiving our confirmation.


Price (travel not included)(c)

1 week : 1.566 €

2 weeks: 2.633 €

3 weeks: 3.644 €


(a) The “UM” service (Unaccompanied Minor) is intended for teenagers under 15 travelling alone. Some airlines demand that they travel accompanied by the cabin crew.

(b) If you don not respect the indicated time slot when you book your flights or train tickets, we will not be able to organise your transfers.

(c) Extra cost of 50 € for any late enrolment (less than a month from your departure date).


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