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Welcome to our world of discovery, sharing, exchange and openness to the world and its cultures. We have developed EDI and its programs in the aim of enable you to push back the frontiers of the unknown andsafely break down communication barriers . We would like first to introduce the variety of our programs.

EDI offers a wide range of programs aimed at all audiences of all agesand nationalities:


  • Homestay abroad
  • School program for secondary school students
  • Language schools
  • Educational school trips for pupils and their teachers.

EDI also offers host family or hostel programs with several options: discoveryschool integration or French courses in language schools, for foreigners who wish to discover France.
For all programsa number of emergency call allows teachers, parents and participants to be in contact with EDI 24/24.

EDI benefits:

  • licence "travel agentNo. 087-08-0001
  • of an insurance MAIF R.C.P. No. 2822 348 R
  • a number S.C.R. 423 925 049 Limoges

In addition, EDI is committedas a member of the "Office National de Garantie des Séjours et Stages Linguistiques"on the terms of the Quality Contract developed in collaboration with two major federations of parents: the UNAPEL and FCPE.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and we are at your disposal for further information about our programs and activities.

Feel free to contact us!